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Since the dawn of time, man has always needed a currency for his trade. Whether in Gold, Silver, Bronze, or any other metal and paper. And, with money, counterfeit appeared, the bête noire of states and issuing banks. Therefore, it was important to be able to thwart these counterfeiters by increasing the security signs in the banknotes.

All the fiduciary players have questioned themselves and in 1988 Australia issued its first polymer banknote and, to mark the spirits, it will commemorate the bicentenary of the founding of the country by the arrival of European settlers. (You will find a very detailed article on the subject with our friends at Numismag by following this link ).


This new type of ticket has certain significant advantages:

  • It is printed in the same way as the paper ticket.

  • Its lifespan is greater than any other paper note, especially in countries with very high humidity.

  • It is announced that it would be forgery-proof, a transparent window shows, depending on the viewing angle, a rainbow or games of shadows.

  • It can be easily washed and disinfected, resulting in very low pollution.

  • Once used or demonetized, the polymer note can be recycled and transformed into any other product.


I am a member of the Argenteuil Numismatic Club (CNA), so I am a billetophile or billetophilist, I am a collector of banknotes from all over the world. But the world is vast and we have to resolve to put limits on it. And what limits, several themes are possible, tickets with famous characters , animals, see sexy .

The chosen theme is polymer or hybrid banknotes, all the banknotes presented are authentic, are legal tender or are demonetized in their country of origin. The classification chosen is very simple, by continent and then by country.

After this introduction, a table summarizing the countries using polymer or hybrid banknotes that you can find in this collection with a direct link to the page, the goal being to develop this collection according to my acquisitions.

Finally, there is still a variety of polymer banknotes, which have no price, zero Euro tourist tickets and fancy banknotes, by following this link some zero Euro and fancy banknotes .

I am a member of the International Bank Note Society under N ° 12314-R

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