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All about our site

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Originally, this site was a test, created to manage my collection of polymer banknotes and especially to be able to consult it when I travel on exchanges. Then after a while, a domain name and we structured the site.

The Club Numismate d'Argenteuil had its own blog, but our Webmaster with obligations could no longer ensure the updates. So, by mutual agreement we graciously donated web space to the club.

It is therefore, divided into two sections:

  • The collection of polymer banknotes, in perpetual evolution according to the acquisitions made. Upon receipt of a new polymer note, it is scanned and inserted with a comment, size, distinctive signs, and a brief description of the sides.

  • The Argenteuil Numismatic Club, also known under the name CNA, is also evolving, we have not yet found the right tempo.

Finally, we will set up the newsletter, the new club, the e vents organized as our purses, our exhibitions or any other things. Likewise, the arrival of a new polymer ticket or future releases.

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