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Noah's ark is the symbol of the salvation and rebirth of humanity.

According to the Bible, God ordered Noah to build an ark in order to save human life from the Flood. The ark where Noah took refuge with his family, paired animals and birds landed on Mount Ararat, from where mankind and the animal world resettled on earth.

For centuries, attempts have been made to see Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat. Jacob de Nisibis, a 4th-century cleric canonized by the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church, was the first person in history to make his way to Mount Ararat in an effort to discredit his contemporary doubts. According to the tradition of the church, Saint Jacob received a fragment of Noah's Ark from the angel of God on a slope of Mount Ararat.

At present, the fragment of Noah's Ark is kept in the See of St. Etchmiadzin. It is contained in the reliquary made by the Armenian master of Qanager in 1698. The shutters of the reliquary have the images of Saint Jacob of Nisibis and of the angel who hands over a fragment of the ark. Richly decorated, the reliquary is one of the best examples of Armenian metallurgy.

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