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Some information :

The New Territories having been leased for 99 years, returned to the People's Republic of China at the end of the lease in 1997 . The island of Hong Kong and the peninsula of Kowloon , ceded in perpetuity to the United Kingdom, could theoretically have remained British. However, the spatial planning of Hong Kong, which had integrated the New Territories into the same urban ensemble, made it impossible to separate which involved the establishment of a border (metro lines passed from one zone to another). , the future new airport was in the new territories, etc.). This is why it has become essential to restore the entire territory of Hong Kong to China. This was announced by the Sino-British joint declaration , signed on December 19 , 1984 , by which the United Kingdom undertook to hand over the entire colony to China in 1997. The People's Republic, for its part, s 'pledged to maintain the economic and legislative systems and the Hong Kong way of life for 50 years. This is the so-called “ one country, two systems ” policy. On July 1, 1997 , Hong Kong became China's first special administrative region . (Info wikipedia, see "more")

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