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Trinidad et Tobago 50TTD 2021 AA594055 R.jpg
Trinidad et Tobago 50TTD 2021 AA594055 V.jpg

Currency :


Value :


Year :


Transmitter :

Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Size :

156 x 66 mm

Note :

In circulation. In the transparent window with TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO the number 50.

Front :

On the left, the red-headed cardinal on a branch, emblematic birds, in the center, the coat of arms and on the right the flag.

Back :

The Eric Williams Financial Complex, left. Located on Independence Square in Port-of-Spain, it consists of two of the tallest buildings in Trinidad and Tobago. The two skyscrapers, known locally as "Twin Towers". Local woman in the center.

Other :

Dominant color: Orange


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