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Iles-Cook 2021 3$ AA13755 R.jpg
Iles-Cook 2021 3$ AA13755 V.jpg

Currency :


Value :


Year :


Transmitter :

- - 

Size :

141 x 63 mm

Note :

Circulation - Commemorative. The transparent window is diamond shaped with wavy lines and a sphere above them

Front :

Ina and the shark. Legend has it that Ina was a charming young girl who fell in love with Tinirau, the god of the ocean. A shark carried her to him; However, on the way, Ina opened a coconut on the shark's head, angering him. He shook her, was going to devour her, but Tekea, the king of all sharks, saved her and took her to the island of Tinirau. 

Back :

Tangaroa and a man in a pukapuka fishing canoe. Tangaroa is the great god of the sea, lakes, rivers and the creatures that live there, especially fish, in Maori mythology.

Other :



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