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Moroccan Dirham

Value :





Al-Maghrib Bank

Size :

130 x 70 mm


Memorial. Published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the enthronement of King Mohammed VI in 1999.


His Majesty the Good Mahomet VI with a coat of arms on his right. Semi-clear window with his portrait below.


Al Buraq, the only African high-speed train connecting Casablanca to Tangier, lower left. Mohammed VI cable-stayed bridge connecting the cities of Rabat and Sale on the left. NOOR 3 solar power plant in Ourzazate with the Mohammed VI satellite to its right. NOOR 3 is the most powerful CSP tower unit built at 150 MW and constitutes the third part of the OSPS (Ouarzazate Solar Power Station) solar plant.




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