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Canada 100CAD 2011 EKT7090273 R.jpg
Canada 100CAD 2011 EKT7090273 V.jpg

Currency :

Canadian dollar

Value :


Year :


Transmitter :

Bank of Canada


152.4 x 69.85 mm


In circulation. The east tower of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa in the transparent window.


Sir Robert Laird Borden (1854-1937), the eighth Prime Minister of Canada (1911-1920).


Medical innovation. A researcher using a microscope illustrates Canada's long-standing commitment to medical research. A strand of DNA;  Canadian researchers have been at the forefront of mapping our human genetic makeup. The EKG provides a visual cue for Canada's contributions to heart health, including the invention of the pacemaker in 1950. Canadian researchers discovered insulin to treat diabetes in 1921.

Other :

Printer:  Bank of Canada


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