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Hong Kong 10HKD 2007 BV853542 V.jpg
Hong Kong 10HKD 2007 BV853542 V.jpg


Hong Kong dollar

Value :





Hong Kong government


133 x 66 mm


Outstanding - The abstract design of the banknote makes impressionistic references to the spirit of modern Hong Kong architecture. It also captures elements of festive and cultural activities in Hong Kong and China. The Bauhinia Blackeano flower, emblem of Hong Kong since 1965, appears in the transparent window. It owes its name to Sir Henry Blake, governor of Hong Kong from 1898 to 1903, very interested in botany. The flower can reach 8 meters high and bloom in late winter or early spring. It is sometimes referred to as the Hong Kong Orchid Tree and appears on the Hong Kong Flag.


In the collection, the four dates 01/04/2007, 01/10/2007, 01/01/2012 and 01/01/2014.


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