Bulletin N ° 2:

Information on the 53rd Numismatic Exchange of Argenteuil.

All the members of the Argenteuil Numismatic Club, join Mr. CAPPRY and myself, in wishing you all the best wishes for this year 2021 and to your loved ones.


So where are we now?


Our Prime Minister announces a curfew at 6:00 p.m. from Saturday 01/16/2021 for a period of 15 days. If all goes well and we wish it, February 14, 2021 our scholarship is still relevant.


For the moment, no restriction at the level of the Mairie d'Argenteuil. We follow government directives and of course we will abide by final decisions.


Our Argenteuil Stock Exchange has an exhibitor capacity of around 80 exhibitors. This year we have made the decision to record reservations in order of arrival. A number of you have already responded. Thank you.


In the best-case scenario, which is what we sincerely hope, our stock exchange will run smoothly.


Otherwise or we would be forced to limit the number of exhibitors, (barrier gestures ………) the first registrants will have priority.

In the worst case, or the Numismatic Exchange will be canceled, all checks or transfers will be returned or destroyed.


We are monitoring the information and will keep you informed in the next newsletter in early February.


Best regards to all and remain cautious

For the office; Pascal Hellenbrand